Bean & Mushroom Salad with Pan-Fried Jicama

Bean and Mushroom Salad (serves 3) Ingredients: 3 cans of bean of your choice  3 cans of corn (optional can replace with other type of bean) Green beans  Mushrooms  2 Cups Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Salt and Pepper to taste Instructions: 1. Drain beans and wash in colander (drain corn if using corn, no need…

Mindful Collaging

In this time-lapse video, Eric shares what they enjoy most about collaging: the creative freedom disguised as limitation, the intuitive symbolism, and the healing qualities of making art. It’s quick, fun, and easy! For more activities related to health, and wellness, check out our Youtube channel Moments with Bread Head and be sure to share…

Knife Skills

Celeste breaks down the basics of knife skills, from the different kinds of blades and grips to how to chop and dice. Learn how to safely navigate the kitchen with knife in hand, as well as tips on how to make your cuts simple and beautiful. Knife skills are imperative to kitchen safety and efficiency,…

Kitchen Safety and Basics

The best place to start is the beginning. In our pilot cooking video, Celeste breaks down kitchen fundamentals, from safety and hygiene to best practices for kitchen prep. For more videos related to cooking, health, and wellness, check our Youtube channel Moments with Bread Head and stay tuned for more!

15 Minute Workout

In this 15-minute workout, Jake focuses on stretching, breathing, balance, building strength in the upper body and legs, opening up the hips, and more! He reminds us to be mindful and take notice of what we feel before and after our practice. This way we can feel good and keep moving forward. 

Core Strength and Flexibility

In this video, Jake shares with us the healthy benefits of a simple but engaging exercise routine that you an do anywhere at anytime. This workout builds focus, core strength, and flexibility. You can do this routine multiple times in a row, or just once depending on what you and your body need. 

Mindful Breathing

In Latin, the word for inspire is inspiratus, or “to breathe into.” This is also where the English word “spirit” is derived. When we focus our attention on our breath – or our “spirit” – we connect to a thousands-year-old practice that has been proven to increase energy and focus, as well as relieve stress,…