Interview with Celeste

In this interview with Bread Head founder and CEO, Celeste Baker shares the inspiration for Bread Head’s namesake, explains her decision to start a nonprofit, and predicts what’s in store for Bread Head in the future. Check it out to learn more about Celeste’s story, and hear her message for the Venice community. For more Bread…

15 Minute Workout

In this 15-minute workout, Jake focuses on stretching, breathing, balance, building strength in the upper body and legs, opening up the hips, and more! He reminds us to be mindful and take notice of what we feel before and after our practice. This way we can feel good and keep moving forward. 

Core Strength and Flexibility

In this video, Jake shares with us the healthy benefits of a simple but engaging exercise routine that you an do anywhere at anytime. This workout builds focus, core strength, and flexibility. You can do this routine multiple times in a row, or just once depending on what you and your body need.