Gaia’s Gift

Gaia’s Gift is Bread Head’s Grocery Assistance Program!

Gaia’s Gift is Bread Head’s grocery assistance program for community members in need. Our pantry offers folks a shopping experience (Covid-19 safe) where they can select the items they need and want from fresh produce to shelf stable dry goods.  Bread Head partners with local organizations, businesses and donors to resource food to provide in Gaia’s Gift. 

To participate in Gaia’s Gift, please sign up below!

Gaia’s Gift at a glance

Gaia’s Gift recipients enjoy a Covid-19 safe “shopping experience” by selecting the items they’d like from our menu board, we pack them and they leave with a bag tailored to their tastes and needs. We also offer curbside pick up and contactless delivery by request


Cooking with Celeste

Celeste prepares recipes with food donated to Gaia’s Gift. Watch and learn how to create delicious meals!

Inside Gaia’s Gift

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