Community Health, Eating, and Wellness


CHEW Classes at a glance

Weekly Gaia’s Gift of groceries
Monthly community potlucks
Life skills and alternative wellness workshops
Weekly yoga classes

What Community, Health, Eating, and Wellness (CHEW) means to us..

CHEW provides opportunities for the community to gather for activities around eating, health, wellness, and overall balanced living. This is an opportunity to learn cooking skills, pick up groceries, sign up for food assistance programs (such as CalFresh), learn stress management, exercise, charge phones, relax, and so much more! There are many aspects of life that affect physical and mental wellbeing, and we are here to share tools to support.  CHEW creates space for intentional social inclusion that allows everyone in the community to share their strengths and resources with one another.

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Community Health, Eating, and Wellness

Every month we host a community potluck as well as health and wellness workshops. Bring your favorite dish with a recipe, join us for a meal, and share tips on physical and mental wellbeing!
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