Project Access Nourishment

An introduction in food literacy, including basic cooking skills & cooking within a budget.



Community – Health – Eating – Wellness

Programs centered on community connections, good eating, health & wellness.

Gaia’s Gift


Gaia’s Gift is Bread Head’s grocery assistance program for those in need, providing fresh produce and dry goods weekly.

Covid 19 Impact

The impact of Covid-19 on our community members has been significant; with limited or restricted opportunity for social interactions that connect our clientele to others and offer a sense of community, these heightened stressors are more difficult to manage. Bread Head has pivoted all of our programs to respond to the virus and its impact. 

We offer PAN and CHEW via remote and pre-taped video offerings to bridge community.  Gaia’s Gift is implemented utilizing up to date safety precautions for  Gaia’s Gift recipients and Bread Head team.  We recognize that a post Covid-19 world will offer opportunity to conduct our programs both in person on site at our Venice location and/or surrounds, as well as to continue remote programming in order to reach a larger audience, we are looking forward to those not so far off days!

Support Our Mission

We appreciate any support of donations from the community for our programs!