Our Story


When Celeste Baker became aware of the isolation that many people experience when they move from the streets into housing, her response was to create a community space that eased feelings of disconnection. Transitioning from the streets to housing can evoke a complex set of emotions; from a sense of loss to the fear of not fitting into a new situation and within people’s expectations.  Despite being housed, access to food, money, and community is often limited, resulting in increased feelings of stress and disconnection. Bread Head was founded to support newly housed individuals by offering connection and intentional community. Originally focused on providing support to unhoused youth that transitioned into housing, Bread Head recognizes that many people experience a sense of disconnect from community as well as limited access to resources, things that connect them to themselves and others. Bread Head has evolved to provide programs focused on food literacy, alternative wellness methods, and life skills to a diverse array of people seeking support and community, rippling outward to impact many facets of life. Bread Head’s programs are community-driven and centered. We create safe, nurturing environments in which to grow a sense of self efficacy and personal growth, we aspire to help change negative self-narratives and to be a partner in empowerment.


Our Partners

We are grateful for the many businesses, foundations, government entities, and fellow nonprofits in our community. As a community organization we are here to collaborate with all of you because side-by-side we strengthen our community!

A big THANK YOU to our partners for playing a part to support our mission!