Our Mission

To empower individuals and families experiencing food and housing insecurity with food literacy, life skills, and positive relationships. With our intentional community, we hope to inspire personal growth, independence, and balanced living.

Our Programs

Project Access Nourishment

PAN is an eight-week cooking course that teaches participants how to obtain and cook affordable, whether on a Cal-Fresh and/or limited budget.

Community Health, Eating, and Wellness

CHEW offers life skills related to nutrition literacy, food shopping and budgeting. It provides opportunities for the community to gather for activities around eating, health, wellness, and overall balanced living.

Gaia’s Gift

Gaia’s Gift is Bread Head’s food pantry for those in need, providing fresh produce and grocery items, as well as some prepared food stuffs for immediate use.  Bread Head partners with local organizations, businesses, and donors to resource food to provide in Gaia’s Gift.  

Covid 19 Impact

The impact of Covid-19 on our community members has been significant; with limited or restricted opportunity for social interactions that connect our clientele to others and offer a sense of community, these heightened stressors are more difficult to manage. Bread Head has pivoted all of our programs to respond to the virus and its impact. 

We offer PAN and CHEW via remote and pre-taped video offerings to bridge community.  Gaia’s Gift is implemented utilizing up to date safety precautions for  Gaia’s Gift recipients and Bread Head team.  We recognize that a post Covid-19 world will offer opportunity to conduct our programs both in person on site at our Venice location and/or surrounds, as well as to continue remote programming in order to reach a larger audience, we are looking forward to those not so far off days!

Our Impact

Through the pandemic, we have been hard at work to continue to serve our members. Since July we’ve had:


Repeat participants in our Gaia’s Gift grocery assistance program


Total meals served


Repeat participants in our Yoga classes


Youth yoga events in coordination with Community Partners

Upcoming Events

Want to see what Bread Head events are coming up? Take a look at our events page!

Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Chelsea!

“Hi my name is Chelsea Joy. I am a Canadian temporarily living in LA. Over the last few years I have had the privilege of being involved with some of LA’s and Venice most hearted organizations. Bread Head now being one of them ❤️
I found bread head while looking for organizations to volunteer, who center themselves around food, food security, and food empowerment. Organizations that know good healthy food is not just an essential for some but for all.

I adore food and believe deep in my heart that everyone deserves to have three delicious nourishing meals a day. Good food feeds the soul and allows us to move more freely in our day no matter what joys or challenges we are facing. I believe empowering people through food is the fastest way to promote growth and healing in community.”